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Meet the Team

Leadership from Within

Fundamental officiating mechanics, a clear and thorough understanding of the rules of the game, and a passion for fair play and athletic competition have been the cornerstones of Next Level Sports Management since our beginnings, and continue to drive every member of our Next Level team. Learn more about our senior management team below.


Nick Lovell

CEO and Coordinator of Officials

Nick Lovell starting umpiring baseball in 2018, and from there his passion for officiating grew. Quickly rising to officiate higher levels of play in baseball, he soon found himself in the role of an assigner for a few small local leagues. Eventually this grew to becoming the primary assigner for all baseball leagues and tournaments in the York-Adams area. This growth and expansion inspired Nick to start Next Level Sports Management LLC, an officiating management company, with the hopes of expanding into managing officials for the highest levels of baseball and other sports.  Nick is passionate about helping officials continue on to the next level of their officiating careers. Nick's responsibilities as CEO and Coordinator of Officials include the training and evaluation of our officiating team, coordination of game assignments, on-site supervision, and the day-to-day operation of Next Level.


Paul Shields

League Schedule Coordinator and Senior Adviser

When you think of baseball in York County, it's not uncommon for Paul Shields to come to mind. Having grown up in New Jersey, he first came to the York County area in 1983 to attend York College of Pennsylvania. He played baseball during his time at York College, graduating in 1987. Paul is known as a "baseball guy," as he's been involved in the sport in nearly every capacity. Paul played in college, as well as in the Central Men's League of York County. He also was the high school coach at Susquehannock High School for five years. Paul first started umpiring in 2004, where he began to develop a new perspective for the game. As he continued on through his umpire journey, he found himself at the helm of York County Baseball's umpire group in 2015 after the sudden passing of Ken Hersey. He quickly adapted and began assigning thousands of games a year while continuing to push our group forward. Over his years at the helm, he has helped grow the group into something very special. In 2022 this group became the Next Level Umpires Association. Paul serves as our League Schedule Coordinator and Senior Adviser to the CEO. Some of his responsibilities include coordinating league schedules, assisting our assigning team, umpire evaluations, and other various administrative duties that keep Next Level going. 


Daniel Wetzel

Director of Training and Development

Dan Wetzel has been a sports official since 2013. A student of the rules, he quickly rose through the ranks of high school and collegiate officiating. In 2019, Dan graduated from the Harry Wendelstedt Professional Umpire School. As a current NCAA and PIAA official, he strives to continue to advance and grow in umpiring, a trait the he instills in his trainees. Dan is passionate about the development and growth of newer officials. As Director of Training and Development, some of his areas of focus include training and evaluation of our officiating team, on-site supervision of our officials, and developing continuing instruction and education for current and new officials.

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