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Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve got a question about Next Level Sports Management you should be able to find the answer here. Whether you have a question about one of our training programs or are curious about who our officiating crews are, we always try to be as transparent as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer swiftly.


Who can join?

Anyone that would like to become a registered baseball official may join our chapter, Next Level Umpires Association!


What are the benefits to membership?

Umpiring baseball is fun and rewarding. You get a chance to stay involved in the game, as well as give back to your community.

Being a member of the Next Level Umpires Association gives you the opportunity to officiate all the levels of play that Next Level is contracted to officiate. You are also supported with training, guidance, and evaluation.


How long is the training program?

Our new umpire training program consists of a weekend-long initial training session, as well as follow up evaluations during the probationary year. All officials are required to attend recurring education classes yearly to retain their membership.

Sports Ref

What is the difference between Next Level Sports Management and Next Level Umpires Association?

Next Level Sports Management LLC is an officiating management company. We provide officiating services to conferences, leagues, and tournament companies. Next Level Umpires Association, however, is the baseball umpires group of Next Level Sports Management. This is the group that our officials are members of, and it deals directly with the umpires, their training, and their support. In short, Next Level Sports Management is the business side of the company, while Next Level Umpires Association is the organization that serves

our officials.

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